Sunday, January 29, 2023

DoofKaBob Adrian

Actually, he's right on target. Parents are responsible for having assisted in causing under age drinking parties.

The girl that cried rape to deflect the attention off of herself is a cunt and deserves to be socially ousted. 

Her dad is a fuck utensil and has a face made for radio entertainment.

Quanada aids and abets the precious little feminist darlings and storm troops for clit in the process all the while sucking deer bag freestyle.

Just remember to leave it to the Quincy defendants in Lovelace v. Gibson to arrest the right people. Cock worshipers...And that goes for the women as well since they're all about superiority equality.

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...Sooo with that, what the fuck was he doing at the Bliefnick trial? Oh, I remember, #Freestyle!

Friday, January 27, 2023

Steve Swink and Frank Froman

Both operators of the Adams County court system have had their licenses to practice psych (getting paid to tell people how to live and frame those who they don't like) disciplined.

Jordan Litvak is another one. 

Also, you might say that some of these things happened a while back. But just remember that just because something happened a long time ago doesn't make it any less true.